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Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

We have friends who own a timeshare at this resort and we just happened to be in Cabo together during a recent trip.  We got a chance to check out their condo.

PB Sunset Beach is a very nice resort.  Clean and apparently well-run by a hospitality operator that has many other Mexican resorts.  Their condo was a two bedroom penthouse with a great view.

PB Sunset Beach is on the Pacific Ocean (not downtown Cabo) and is built into the side of a hill.  A network of roads with a private transportation system of customized ATVs moves guests around the resort.  The roads at PB Sunset Beach make Lombard Street seem like a Nebraska highway…  The drivers are great and it seems like they delight in entertaining the guests on the ride (some are apprenticing for ride operators at Six Flags I think…).

Our overall views about PB Sunset Beach — clean, beautiful resort with great views.  The sunsets are fantastic.  However, the ocean is unswimmable and, with PB facing the ocean, there is almost always the ocean “breeze” to contend with — enough that the pools at PB have tall glass surrounds to block the wind.  PB Sunset Beach is a bit isolated from downtown Cabo (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), but a run to town can take 30 minutes or so on PB’s shuttle bus, which drops you at PB’s Medano Beach resorts (not downtown).

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