Whale Watching — if you’re lucky enough to visit Baja in February or March, be sure to check out a whale watching trip to one of the calving lagoons north of Cabo (okay, waaayyy north). We visited Laguna San Ignacio and actually were petting the gray whales when they came up to our skiff. It’s a life-changing experience when you hit it right.

We really can’t recommend one company over another, as our whale watching trip actually started in Loreto, where we rented a car from Budget (uh, BIG mistake) and drove to Laguna San Ignacio where we tagged up with one of the whale watching outfits in San Ignaco. This was a three day trip! Baja is huge… I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way.

If we do it again, we’d fly to one of the lagoons, do the the whale watching/petting, then fly back to Cabo. The lagoons are very, very remote and pretty much lacking in even the basics, which is okay if you want to get away from it all and camp.

We hear there is whale watching directly in Cabo, but we haven’t done it from Cabo.  We’d sure appreciate hearing from someone who has though (leave a comment below!).  Is it whale watching or whale petting?

Anyway, do some research online to find a while watching company — and let us know how your trip went!!