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Taco Loco

Located downstairs from Cabo Wabo, Taco Loco is a great little taco stand/restaurant with great Baja fish tacos.  TL doesn’t take credit cards, so that means it has pretty authentic food, right???

Taco Loco is a great place to hang out and people-watch.

Four tacos and a beer for 110 Pesos (about US$7).

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Taquería “El Paisa”

Taqueria “El Paisa” is another local’s joint. In fact, you’ll likely be the only gringos dining. But, don’t let that dissuade you, as the food is excellent (for a very inexpensive restaurant). This is the exact opposite of the typical “marina” dining experience; very authentic and very inexpensive.

The prices are right, so have fun and experiment. Order a lot of variety, have fun, and give the menu items a try. Menu items include grilled tacos of arrachera and beef, potatoes, quesadilas, vampiros, gringas and more.

A family of four can probably eat for US$30 (and still leave food on the table).

On Leona Vicario (the one-way main street heading south), about five blocks north of Lazaro Cardenas.

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El Pollo del Oro – Thumbs Up!

Very affordable chicken, ribs and fantastic fish burritos. The ambiance is “local Mexican joint” (in fact, we heard it was a former covered basketball court). The prices are right (typically less than US$6 per person) and the food is usually pretty good. While we usually eat here once per visit for lunch or dinner, breakfast was so-so and as a result, we can’t recommend it for that meal.

Located on Morelos and 20 de Noviembre, just north of the marina/mall area by about three blocks.

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Gordo Lele’s Taco Stand

For fish tacos, a place called Gordo Lele’s is great (just north of the “Corner Bar” on Lazaro Cardenas and south of the Los Milagros Hotel). He also makes a great flank steak for 15 pesos (about US$1.50).  A typical meal, with a Corona, is around US$7.

Javier, the owner, has been known to put on a blonde wig and sing Beatles tunes (see video below).

Lots of people just LOVE Javier. In 2008, Javier lost his lease on a spot he used to occupy and was forced to shut down. In the depths of the huge US recession, a bunch of wonderful folks on the Cabo forum on Tripadvisor banded together, located Javier and raised $5000 to get him back in business at his current location.

It’s a great story — and so are his fish tacos. :)

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Gardenias — Incredible fish and shrimp tacos. Not a lot of ambiance, just great food for few pesos. Very cold beers!

Camino al Hacienda and Niños Heroes. Daily 8am-5pm. ($)

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