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Q?How do People Contact Us During our Stay at Villa La Estancia?
A.By phone, Villa La Estancia is reached by dialing, from the USA, 011-52-624-145-6900.  Your caller may then ask for you by name or by the villa you’re staying in. 
Q?What kind of amenities are provided?
A. We’ve gone green(er). To reduce waste, we’ve switched from individual bars of soap and toiletry bottles to bulk supplies, with dispensers at each sink and shower. Our maid should refill the dispensers if they get low, but in the event you find one needing attention, the bulk supplies are located under various sinks in the villa. Please refill dispensers if they get low — thank you! If you notice our bulk supplies are getting low, please let us know (rentals@heavenincabo.com). Thank you! Individual bars of soap and various toiletry bottles are available for purchase by calling the front desk.Note: Occasionally, the dispensers will fail to dispense products. To prime, push the button in, hold it in, put your finger over the dispenser outlet, then release the button. Do this several times. Here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG-rK3fh6sQ

Q?What’s with the food in the ‘fridge and the liquor supply?
A. It used to be that our maid would toss all food after each guest’s stay.  But, that forced each guest to buy supplies, resulting in a waste of perfectly good food.  So, our maid is now instructed to leave the food in the pantry and refrigerator for the next guest (she’ll still toss short-term perishable stuff if it’s going bad…).  When you arrive, just treat the kitchen as it’s your own.  We do ask that if you use something up that you replace it (for example, ketchup or mustard).  At the end of your stay, please toss the obvious (your leftovers, for example), but leave the mainstays for the next guest. Likewise, our liquor supply is an honor system — if you use a bottle, please leave a bottle.  If you’re tempted to take your liquor home with you, just remember that liquor must go in checked baggage these days; so, might as well just leave a bottle for the next guest?
Q?Can I rent baby gear in Cabo?
A. Yes. The resort rents cribs (with linens; please call ahead to reserve). Additionally, Baja Baby Gear rents strollers, car seats, cribs and just about anything you’ll need for your little one (http://www.heavenincabo.com/baja-baby-gear/). For babysitters, Gillian of Baja Babysitting offers services (http://www.heavenincabo.com/baja-babysitting/). While we can’t endorse either of these companies, we’re happy to provide the links so you can check them out.
Q?Are there babysitters in Cabo?
A. Yes. For babysitters, Gillian of Baja Babysitting offers services (http://www.heavenincabo.com/baja-babysitting/).
Q?Can I use my cell phone while in Cabo? What about my smartphone?
A. Check with your wireless carrier to see if calls while in Mexico are included with your plan (or see if you can add the Mexico option). If you have a nationwide plan with Verizon, you’re in luck — give Verizon a call and they’ll change your plan to “plus Mexico” for $10 per month. Just call them when you return and have that option removed, with the result that you’ve just added Mexico for only 34 cents per day of your trip.
If you have a cell phone, especially a smart phone (iPhone/Android/Blackberry), note that data roaming charges can be EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. If you don’t know if you have data roaming on your plan, you should assume that YOU DO NOT and turn data roaming OFF. Turning your phone off may not be enough; REMOVE THE BATTERY or place the phone in AIRPLANE MODE. Seriously — friends of ours spent five days in Cancun and were presented the following month with a $3700 data roaming bill!!!  Calling to the USA and Canada is free on our Skype phones contained within the unit (the wireless ones).
IMPORTANT: The wired resort phones are NOT FREE TO USE, except when calling within the resort.
Q?I’m American.  Do I need a passport to travel to Mexico?
A.YES. Additional information is available from the U. S. Department of State at www.travel.state.gov.  THIS IS A HINT: pack your passport NOW! Children need passports also!
Q?Advice for the Airport?
A. You’re flying into SJD, which is located about twenty miles east of Cabo San Lucas.  First things first:  pass through customs and immigration.  Upon leaving customs, you’ll immediately enter “the gauntlet,” a very friendly area filled with timeshare salesmen “trying” to help you out.  DO NOT STOP UNTIL YOU SEE DAYLIGHT. Whether you call it The Gauntlet or The Shark Tank, unless you really want to get a timeshare presentation arranged, just walk straight ahead until you reach fresh air (outside).
Q?How do I get from the Airport to Villa La Estancia?
A. There are several options for getting from SJD to VLE.
Shuttle:  usually a bus, you’ll wait for others to load and the shuttle will then visit several hotels on the way to VLE.  Unfortunately, there are many hotels prior to reaching VLE and you’ll probably be next-to-the-last passengers on the shuttle.  Also, the shuttle doesn’t take the toll-road into Cabo and instead, may waste 15 minutes in the traffic of the in-town highway.  $16 per person, each way.  Just ask for the shuttle bus once you’re outside the terminal.  Have cash.
Taxi:  Probably a van.  About $75 each way. They usually take the highway, passing through the traffic of San Jose del Cabo.
Limo: a private Suburban.  $190 round trip.  $150 round trip for our guests.  This is the quickest and nicest way to get to VLE.  This is the real deal — a nicely dressed chauffeur holding up a sign with your name on it, waiting to whisk you away  — just a great way to start off your vacation.  As a bonus, TransPacifico will head to Cabo on the toll road, saving about 15 minutes of travel time.  You MUST have reservations for this service — complete the form found on our website (click here) and use the discount code that we sent you.  TransPacifico will contact you directly to finalize your limo reservation.
Rental Car:  We don’t recommend it.  Highly expensive and a hassle.  For a typical stay, it’s less expensive to take taxis.  For the day trip where you have to have a car (ie, drive to Todos Santos), just rent a car for the day (see the concierge at VLE).  If you’re set on renting a car at the airport, we recommend you re-check rental car rates just prior to your arrival.  Often, during times of weak reservations, rental car rates will adjust downward; as there’s no penalty for canceling a car reservation, it’s easy to cancel and rebook if rates are down.
DIRECTIONS (if you drive): Leaving the airport, turn LEFT and take the toll-road (29 Pesos; US$ Accepted).  After the toll booths (approx. ten miles), you’ll enter a round-about; take the first right out of the roundabout and that will put you on the “four lane” to Cabo San Lucas.Approaching Cabo San Lucas, you’ll pass Costco on your right (across from the Pemex station).  In about a mile, you’ll pass Sam’s Club on the right (also a Walmart; good for groceries), and you’ll take a LEFT at the next light.  You’ll now be heading straight for Medano Beach (also, CAUTION, watch out for the speed bumps).  At the “T,” turn LEFT and follow the roadway to the Villa Group gate.  Tell them you’re checking in at VLE and they’ll give you directions to the lobby, where you’ll check in just like a hotel (but nicer).  Have the valets take your bags and also park your car.  Your room key will gain you access to the parking garage, but probably easier to just have them park it for you each time.

Q?Is there a concierge at Villa La Estancia?
A. Yes. You can reach the concierge desk by email at conciergevle@villagroup.com.mx or by calling the resort directly at 011-52-624-145-6900.
Q?Is there free parking at Villa La Estancia?
A. Yes. Your room key will gain you access to the underground parking. Also, the bell desk offers free valet parking (tip recommended).  We’d recommend the valet parking, as the parking is rather tight and the garage can be confusing the first few times you use it.  There are two elevators that serve the underground parking, and they are located on either side of the lobby (these elevators also serve all floors, but they are the only elevators that will reach the parking area); these are the elevators that serve Phase Two of VLE and open out to the ocean view.
Q?Is there a personal shopper in Cabo?
A. Yes. We haven’t used this service yet, but hear good things about www.whereincabos.com. They’ll do your grocery shopping for you so you can get down to the business of… forgetting about business.
Q?Is there broadband internet access at Villa La Estancia?
A. Each villa has broadband internet access (wired) available at no charge.  In addition, we have a secured WiFi (wireless) network in each of our villas (password required; see instruction sheet within the villa).  The wireless network allows you to use your laptop anywhere in the villa, including the balcony. In addition, the resort has WiFi (unsecured) at the pool and in most public areas of the resort.
Q?What extra charges are there?
A. The rate we quote you is complete and even includes maid service.  Additional charges include dining, telephone calls (if you use the resort’s phone), sofa bed linens and activities you may book.  Valet parking is provided free of charge (tip optional, but appreciated). Villa La Estancia, as an option, offers all-inclusive dining.  Upon check-in, you’ll be asked to provide a credit card for resort incidentals mentioned above.
Q?What amenities are available at Villa La Estancia?
A.  Tennis (free; slight charge for lighting for night use), fitness center, spa/massage (fee), child care (fee).  There are restaurants at the resort, as well as a small market and video-rental store.  A physician is also available.  If you use the small market, a discount is given if you show your Costco card (not affiliated with Costco however).
Q?Is maid service available?
A. We provide maid service four times per week.  There is no extra charge for maid service, including departure cleaning.  As an option, you can upgrade maid service to seven times per week at minimal cost through the resort (upon check-in).
Q?What about tipping?
A. We usually tip our maid the first cleaning of our stay.  US$10-20 is always VERY appreciated by our maid.  Other staff that we usually tip include the pool and bell staff.  Prior to leaving for Cabo, we make sure to get a handful of 1’s and 5’s; for us, tipping very much improves our stay in Cabo — and at the same time plays a BIG part in spreading goodwill and of improving the lives of the workers that work hard in making our stay enjoyable.  We typically tip $1/bag and at restaurants, 10-20% of the bill.  If you shop at the local markets, the kids and people bagging your groceries aren’t paid and depend on tips.  Note: cab drivers do not expect tips in Mexico.
Q?What currency is used in Cabo?
A. The Mexican Peso is the official currency however, most merchants will take US dollars (but sometimes at an exchange rate that favors them; the most common is to exchange at 12 pesos to the dollar). 
The current exchange rate (Pesos per US Dollar) is found here: http://www.heavenincabo.com/general/current-mexican-peso-exchange-rate/We usually pay by credit card and let the issuer handle the conversion.

Beware of vendors that quote in dollars but charge your credit card in Pesos — the vendor may convert the transaction at an unfavorable rate and then your credit card will charge to convert in addition.  Best to just get quoted in Pesos — in fact, insist on it.If you want to exchange for Pesos, we’ve found that the Banks generally have a fair exchange rate, along with a booth at the Wyndham Hotel downtown. Note: to exchange currency, you’ll need to show your passport.
Q?What about safety while travelling?
A. We’ve always felt very secure while in Cabo San Lucas.  However, you need to take ordinary precautions while you travel.  Our villas have in-room safes — USE THEM.  Put your passport in the safe upon arrival, along with other important papers, valuable and excess currency you may have.  Remember that many people have access to hotel rooms, so don’t leave valuables exposed to theft. How to Stay Safe from Identity Theft During Vacation is a short article that’s worth reading.
Q?What about the “sister;” resorts of Villa del Palmar and Villa del Arco?
A. All three resorts were developed by respected developer The Villa Group and sit aside each other along Medano Beach, with Villa La Estancia being the center resort (and the nicest).  Except during busy periods, VLE guests have access to the other resorts and can use the pools and facilities, but guests at the other resorts do not have access to exclusive VLE.  For more information on Villa del Palmar,click HERE.  For Villa del Arco, click HERE.

Q?With a private rental, do I have the same privileges at Villa La Estancia?
A. Yes. As a guest of an owner, you are treated to the same services and attention as we are.
Q?Can I drink the water at Villa La Estancia?
A. Villa La Estancia has it’s own desalination plant and as such, the water at the resort is purified.  At restaurants, bottled water is typically offered to diners.
Q?What time zone is Cabo in and does the time change with daylight savings time?
A. Cabo is in the Mountain Time Zone and observes Daylight Savings Time.  Whatever the time is in Denver, that’s the time in Cabo.