Each villa has broadband internet access (wired) available at no charge. In addition, we have a secured WiFi (wireless) network in each of our villas (password provided to our guests). The wireless network allows you to use your laptop anywhere in the villa, including the balcony. The resort maintains free public Wifi throughout most of the resort.
Villa La Estancia numbers each villa with a four-digit number. The first digit indicates the project phase (1, 2 or 3). The second digit — the most important in our mind — indicates the floor number (1 through 8). The third is always a zero and is meaningless. The fourth digit denotes the building number (1 through 9; for phases 1 and three, this indicates how far back in the complex the villa is located). For example, 1707 means first phase, seventh (of eight floors) and seventh building back. 3708 means third phase, seventh (of eight floors) and eighth building back. Higher floors mean a better view (not only of the ocean, but looking over other buildings nearby). Higher floors often mean more privacy. Lower floors have limited (or no) views!! Be sure to ask when comparing villas! Our villas have GREAT views. Phase 2 villas are located in the rear of the complex and are the furthest away from the pool and beach. Phase 3 villas were the last to be built and are newer than phase 1 by about three years. For a better understanding of the phase layout of Villa La Estancia, reference our location and layout page: click here
The rentals listed on Expedia.com and other travel sites are units owned by the developer of Villa La Estancia that remain unsold (very few of these left). As the inventory of unsold villas declines, the developer has leased-back sold units from some owners to fill demand for rentals. To view these villas (and just to compare rates), click HERE and then select “Check Rates.” NOTE: Many sites quote rates, but be sure you see the TOTAL price, with taxes and “service fees” prior to comparing to our rates! For example, Expedia tacks on over 20% in fees over the quoted rate!! Be sure to compare BOTTOM-LINE costs. Typically, rentals from travel websites have no guarantee of location with Villa La Estancia (you may get a garden view unit). Also, these rental units are typically very “sterile” in nature — that is, they are owned specifically for renting and haven’t been upgraded beyond the stock furnishings package supplied by the resort. When renting direct from an owner (like us), you KNOW which unit that your are renting and you KNOW the amenities that are included in the unit, such as upgraded beds, VOIP telephones, games, DVD movies, etc.. Last, but not least, you’ll save money with us as our rental pricing is lower than Expedia or other travel brokers.
SJD — San Jose del Cabo. SJD is located about 22 miles from Cabo San Lucas and is just north of the town of San Jose del Cabo. Private flights can fly into the Cabo San Lucas airport (MMSL), located just five miles north of Cabo San Lucas and Villa La Estancia. For our recommended airport transportation, click HERE. To get to Villa La Estancia from the SJD airport, either rent a vehicle or catch a shuttle or taxi. If driving, head LEFT out of the airport (toll road; 29 Pesos) and that will save you about 15 minutes of driving time. Exiting the toll station, proceed to the roundabout and veer right which puts you on the four-lane highway to Cabo San Lucas. Entering Cabo San Lucas, turn left at the first traffic light after you pass Costco (about a mile past Costco). At the “T” intersection, turn left and follow the road into VLE.
The most unbiased reviews that we have found are located at TripAdvisor.com. As you read through the reviews, you’ll find that VLE receives mostly positive reviews. Complaints mainly center around 1) the stiff Mexican beds (common in Mexico), 2) developer-rented units from Expedia (garden views) and 3) the cost of food and beverages. With our villas, all beds have been upgraded with TermperPedic foam and are very comfortable.. Also, you KNOW the villa you will be renting and ours have incredible views (seventh of eight floors). Not much we can do about the cost of eating at VLE restaurants and their resort pricing; we suggest eating breakfast and lunch at your villa and then heading to town in the evening to enjoy dinner. Be sure to visit our RESTAURANTS page for great hints on many restaurants near VLE.
The villas are designed to be split into two units — an “A” side, consisting of the living room, kitchen and master bedroom and a “B” side, consisting of the second bedroom (“Guest Suite”). All rooms share a common balcony. We’ve never rented out an “A” side and “B” side to separate renters. So, there’s no sharing with our unit and most owners follow the same policy. However, renting through Expedia, etc., you have no control over an A/B split and you may, in fact, end up sharing a balcony, separated only by a thin, portable partition made of cactus reeds.
YES. More information is available from the U. S. Department of State at www.travel.state.gov. It’s important to mention that upon entering Mexico, you’ll be handed a slip of paper. DO NOT LOSE that slip of paper, as you’ll need it to exit Mexico.
The rate we quote you is complete and even includes maid service. Additional charges include dining, telephone calls (if you use the resort’s phone), sofa bed linens and activities you may book. Valet parking is provided free of charge (tip optional, but appreciated). Villa La Estancia, as an option, offers all-inclusive dining (contact them directly for more information).
Tennis (free; slight charge for lighting for night use), fitness center, spa/massage (fee), Child care (fee). There are restaurants at the resort, as well as a small market and video-rental store. A physician is also available.
Our preferred rental period is seven days, beginning on a Friday or Saturday. However, we do rent for less than seven days.
We provide maid service four times per week. There is no extra charge for maid service, including departure cleaning. As an option, you can upgrade maid service to seven times per week at minimal cost through the resort (upon check-in).
We usually tip our maid the first cleaning of our stay. US$10-20 is always VERY appreciated by our maid. Other staff that we usually tip include the pool and bell staff. Prior to leaving for Cabo, we make sure to get a handful of 1’s and 5’s; for us, tipping very much improves our stay in Cabo — and at the same time plays a BIG part in spreading goodwill and of improving the lives of the workers that work hard in making our stay enjoyable. We typically tip $1/bag, and at restaurants 10-20% of the bill. If you shop at the local markets, the kids and people bagging your groceries aren’t paid and depend on tips. Note: cab drivers do not expect tips in Mexico.
The Mexican Peso is the official currency however, most merchants will take US dollars (but sometimes at an exchange rate that favors them; the most common is to exchange at 12 pesos to the dollar). The current exchange rate is approximately 13.85 pesos per US dollar (click HERE for an update). We usually pay by credit card and let the issuer handle the conversion. Beware of vendors that quote in dollars but charge your credit card in Pesos — the vendor may convert the transaction at an unfavorable rate and then your credit card will charge to convert in addition. Best to just get quoted in Pesos — in fact, insist on it.
All three resorts were developed by respected developer The Villa Group and sit aside each other along Medano Beach, with Villa La Estancia being the center resort (and the nicest). At times, VLE guests have access to the other resorts and can use the pools and facilities, but guests at the other resorts do not have access to exclusive VLE. Restrictions are loosely enforced, mostly enforced during periods of high use. For more information on Villa del Palmar, click HERE. For Villa del Arco, click HERE.
Yes. As a guest of an owner, you are treated to the same services and attention as owners are.
Villa La Estancia has its own desalination plant and as such, the water at the resort is purified. At restaurants, bottled water is typically offered to diners.
The pools at VLE are incredible and are chlorine-free(!). The pools were designed and built by Sandpiper Pools, an award winning gold-medal international company. The pools are treated with a pH based cleaning system, feature Pebble-Tec surfaces, a grotto, gradual entry and a swim-up bar.
Cabo is in the Mountain Time Zone and observes Daylight Savings Time. Except for a few weeks each year, whatever the time is in Denver, that’s the time in Cabo.
Always a favorite (passed on by a musical friend):
Crushed ice
3 wedges lime
2 ounces gold tequila (Cuervo 1800)
1/2 ounce tequila (Cuervo white)
1 & 1/4 ounces Rose’s lime juice
1/2 ounce triple sec (Bols)
1 splash orange Curacao (Bols)
Put all ingredients except the 3 lime wedges into a shaker. Squeeze 2 of the lime wedges into the shaker. SHAKE WELL! Rim outside of glass only with lime. Salt only the outside of the glass. Add fresh crushed ice to glass. Strain mixture over ice. Squeeze remaining lime wedge in glass. And, yes, there’s a blender in the villa in case you like yours blended!
Yes, a washer and dryer unit are standard. We even provide detergent.
Villa La Estancia (VLE) is located just to the northeast of the Cabo San Lucas marina, along Medano Beach. It’s about a fifteen-minute walk via the beach or local roads to downtown from VLE. A taxi ride is 70 pesos (tip included) to downtown (or back from downtown). If you’ve never been to Cabo San Lucas, it’s important for you to know that there are two different towns with the name CABO in them: Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Don’t get them confused! Cabo San Lucas is at the tip of Baja and is the “CABO” you want. The airport is located at San Jose del Cabo (SJD), which is a town located 20 miles east of Cabo San Lucas. SJD has resorts, but not as upscale as Cabo San Lucas; also, the weather’s more humid around SJD. In between Cabo San Lucas and SJD is the “tourist corridor” and many resorts are located along this stretch (Hilton, Westin), but they are not in “CABO” and require an expensive taxi drive to get to CABO. Villa La Estancia is located DIRECTLY on Medano Beach, the swimming beach of Cabo (as opposed to the beaches on the Pacific Ocean, over the hill from Cabo). Medano Beach stretches from downtown Cabo, northeast to Monuments Beach (about five miles). Villa La Estancia is located just one mile from downtown Cabo.
[From the U. S. Department of State : “No advisory is in effect.” Cabo San Lucas is located 800 miles from the nearest border city reporting drug-related violence (Tijuana). We’ll repeat that: 800 miles away. There’s been a lot of negative press about the border cities of Mexico and drug-related violence. It’s really impacted people’s perceptions on visiting Mexico. However, it’s like second-guessing a Montana fishing trip just because you heard bad news about New York City. Cabo San Lucas is far removed from the strife that is plaguing the border areas and especially northeastern Mexico.
For current temps, you can see the 10 day weather forecast for SJD and current weather conditions on the Weather Channel.
Yes. We periodically send out an informal newsletter detailing last-minute deals for our villas and also general information on Villa La Estancia and Cabo San Lucas. If you’d like to add your email address to the mailing list, just complete the form on our Last Minute Deals page. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any newsletter mailing you receive from us.