The airport serving Cabo (commercial flights) is SJD.  SJD is located about 29 miles from Cabo and you’ll need a rental car, shuttle, taxi or limo to get to Cabo.  If you’re confused about Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, take a look at this post:

If you’re lucky enough to fly in privately, MMSL is likely your best bet (only about five miles from Cabo).

That Funny Paper that immigration gives you when you arrive and clear immigration — HOLD ONTO IT! If you lose it, you’ll need to buy another to get on your return flight. Total hassle and $50, so tuck it into your passport and then tuck your passport away (you won’t need it until you depart, unless you head to a bank to exchange dollars for pesos).

Customs — upon arriving in Mexico, don’t let them bug you about used items for normal everyday use. Used items are duty-free. Additionally, you get a US$300 exemption, per person, for new items when entering Mexico.

Airport – avoid the gauntlet. After you exit customs/immigration, keep your eyes forward and don’t stop until you get outside. In a very annoying situation, timeshare salespeople are crammed inside of yellow booths and act like they’re there to help you with your car rental or transportation. What they’re really there to do is talk you into a timeshare presentation. Don’t stop until you can see sunlight!! Once outside, make your transportation arrangements (actually, they’ll drag you back inside to the last booth just before the glass doors — that’s the transport desk). You brought cash, right? This will likely be the first place you’ll put it to good use.