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Taco Loco

Located downstairs from Cabo Wabo, Taco Loco is a great little taco stand/restaurant with great Baja fish tacos.  TL doesn’t take credit cards, so that means it has pretty authentic food, right???

Taco Loco is a great place to hang out and people-watch.

Four tacos and a beer for 110 Pesos (about US$7).

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Las Guacamayos

Great Restaurant!!

Very reasonable pricing (all entrees are less than US$10) and excellent food. The margaritas are excellent and very, very strong.

Located downtown, about two blocks west of El Squid Roe.


Villa La Estancia All-Inclusive Option

*** Update March 13, 2017:  VLE now offers a “Full Board” meals-only (no alcohol) meal plan. Please see this post:

*** Update June 16, 2016:  The VLE all-inclusive option is no longer being offered.  Please see this post:  no-longer-available-villa-la-estancia-all-inclusive-option

OUR COMMENTS BELOW STILL APPLY: Cabo San Lucas is a culinary adventure and it would be a shame to limit yourself to just resort food.


We’re often asked if the Villa La Estancia all-inclusive food/beverage option is available and/or worth purchasing.

The resort offers an all-inclusive option for around US$115/day per person (see image, taken December, 2015). In our opinion, it’s not worth it for many reasons.

Cabo San Lucas is a culinary adventure. There are so many incredible restaurants nearby (on the beach and in town) that it would be a shame to not experience them. They are just a walk or a short taxi ride away.While it’s convenient to have food and beverages available, they’re still available for purchase from any restaurant at the resort. There’s even a small mini-market on the premises, with fair pricing and a decent selection.  However, we recommend stocking the condo with food and beverages by making a quick trip to Walmart, one mile away. They have a great selection of produce and the most incredible thick-cut Sonoran rib eye steaks we’ve ever experienced. The liquor selection is excellent, or there’s a liquor store (La Europea) in the Walmart complex. Walk over or catch the local’s bus, then hail a taxi to return to the condo with your groceries.

Our visits to VLE typically begin with coffee and breakfast on the balcony, and lunch either on the balcony, poolside at the restaurant or a lunch at one of the several beach restaurants (a short walk down the beach).  Dinner is almost always in town and we typically walk (20 minutes) and after dinner and a stroll downtown (or the marina), we then catch a $7 taxi back, tip included.

Our restaurant recommendations:

VLE All-Inclusive Option