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We had a fantastic dinner at Peacocks, located south of City Club on Pescadero.  Patti had the sea bass and I had the arrachera steak — both were excellent and reasonably priced (for Cabo).  Dinner was about US$100 for the two of us, including excellent margaritas.

Peacocks is part of a chain of restaurants — the Mi Casa folks.

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September in Cabo

We’d always heard that September and the first half of October were the “off” season in Cabo.  Therefore, based on rumor, we’d never visited during September/October.  Pretty much on a moment’s notice (our anniversary, combined with our need to get some fabric to Cabo for a reupholstery of our condo), we decided to hop to Cabo and spend a long weekend.

We’ve been VERY pleasantly surprised at the wonderful weather (about 85; a bit humid) and wonderfully amazed at the tepid ocean water.  There are a few bugs in the air and an incredible amount of butterflies riding currents of air.  Overall, we’d return to Cabo in September in a second!!

Be aware however that several restaurants (and even some resorts, such as Club Cascadas) close during part of September for repairs, rehabilitation and probably some recreation for the employees.  We were disappointed to find that The Office, Ediths and even Tabasco’s were closed.  However, everything has a silver lining, and we were forced to try some new restaurants and found some gems.

The ocean water temperature is wonderful. The clarity and warmth of the Cabo water was wonderful.  We took an ocean kayak over to Lover’s Beach and played on the beach — and made a comparison of the water clarity to that of our beloved Lake Tahoe.

It seems that every time we visit Cabo, we enjoy it more and more.  Our September trip is no exception!!

The Mango Deck – Sunday Brunch

We always thought The Mango Deck was all about year-round spring break.  However, while walking Medano Beach one Sunday Morning we decided to give their Sunday brunch a try.

The $9 they charge for brunch is worth it for the view alone.  The food was great– and plenty of it.  They have a fruit bar that offered about eight different types of fruit, along with many fruit juices.  They’ll also make omelettes to your order and that’s included in the brunch.  The service was excellent.

The Mango Deck is located on Medano Beach, adjacent to The Office.

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Sea Kayaking and Lover’s Beach

In over three years of owning at Cabo, we suddenly realized we’d never been to Los Arcos and Lover’s Beach.  We rented a sea kayak (from Arturo’s – more on that later) and paddled over to Lover’s Beach.  Once there, we enjoyed about an hour playing in the gentle water on the Sea of Cortez side of the twin beaches (from Lover’s Beach, you can walk over to Divorce Beach, which faces the Pacific — swimming there definitely NOT recommended).  Our first trip in September, the water is delightfully warm; in fact, warmer than pool water.  The gentle waves were awesome to play and float in.

We rented the sea kayak for $20 from a tent business just east of The Mango Deck.

Here is the satellite view of Lover’s Beach:

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La Pinta Pomegranate Infused Tequila

We keep a stocked bar at our condos in Cabo — we stock it occasionally, but it generally stays pretty stocked from our guests and renters just leaving partial bottles before they return home.  We get a pretty good selection to “sample” from and our visit this week has been no exception.

We arrived in Cabo on Thursday and one of the partial bottles was of La Pinta Pomegranate Infused Tequila.  I just HAD to have a taste of that one.  Well, all I can say is that I’m heading to the store and buying a few bottles to take back to the USofA with us.  Maybe a case.  Is that legal?  Just an incredible blend and you HAVE to try it on your next trip. to buy it in the USA; about $27/bottle here in Cabo.  Available at a few liquor stores near Cabo Wabo.  Didn’t see it at Walmart or Costco.

Just a note — When we arrived back home (and finished the two bottles of La Pinta that we brought back), we experimented with mixing some 100% pomegranate juice (Trader Joe’s) with Herradura tequila to “simulate” La Pinta.  Well, pretty close to La Pinta for our tastebuds…  We think the word “infused” is Spanish for “to mix.”  About 50/50 juice to tequila is what we do and it’s great.

Cabo Wabo!

Cabo Wabo is Sammy Hagar’s bar in Cabo.

The house band is incredible — great music and entertainment. The crowd ranges from 18 and up, but tends to be a bit older than the crowd at El Squid Roe.

No cover charge. Drinks tend to be expensive, but liberally poured. Rip’s Bar is located downstairs and serves a great margarita for about half the price. There’s a back-door staircase entrance just behind Rip’s, for those “in the know…”

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La Golondrina (aka The Trailer Park) – Thumbs Down

Expensive and quite frankly, underwhelming food.  If you head to Cabo, a lot of folks will tell you “you need to go to the Trailer Park restaurant!”  Well, our thoughts are that this restaurant knows that and has no incentive to improve.

We particularly didn’t appreciate the upsell to Mexican Coffees following our main meal, as three of the drinks ended up totaling US$45.


Cruise Ships — and Shopping

At times, Cabo’s bay can be inundated with cruise ships. When you see the cruise ships, it mean that Cabo’s downtown area will be busy with disgorged cruise tourists. This means that restaurants will be busy AND that prices get increased by many of the vendors.

So, the rule is — if you want bargains, shop when there are NO cruise ships around! However, if you want to have FUN, hit El Squid Roe or Cabo Wabo on a night when a cruise ship is anchored overnight.

Chileno Beach

Just past Santa Maria Beach is Chileno Bay at KM 14.

It’s a popular place for the locals and has incredible snorkling and scuba diving. Kids will love the tide pools (look, don’t touch).

There are public restrooms and shower facilities. Don’t forget your sunscreen, beach chairs and towels.

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Santa Maria Beach

This is a wonderfully serene beach just minutes from Cabo.  You’ll need a car to get here.  Don’t forget towels, umbrellas, chairs and sunscreen.  If you managed to jam snorkel gear in your luggage, bring it too.

Km 12, east of Cabo San Lucas.  Look for the beach access sign. There’s a dirt road to the parking area.

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